What To Bring


Some things you might consider bringing to the Ulao Creek Music Festival:  Your friends, cold beverages, a cooler, ice, food to grill, a tent and sleeping bag, warm clothes, boots, a flashlight, a camera, things that glow, mosquito spray, sunscreen, your dog, your rock and roll shoes, a willingness to party like you mean it, some cash to donate($20).

We don't sell beverages at this festival so make sure you bring plenty to drink. Remember to bring some water. We will have grills you can use to cook your food. You might want to bring some charcoal along if you plan on grilling a lot of food.

Finally, please remember to bring along your common sense and then use it when around the fires. They are big fires. They will be maintained and supervised by people who know what they are doing, but you still have to be  smart around them. Don't climb up on the stacked wood. We don't want anyone getting hurt.